James feels weird writing this autobiography in the third person so I will continue in the first, if that’s ok with you? Thanks.

Well I’m James and I love making pots. I love finding, buying, mixing and testing clay. Adding secret ingredients to make even the most boring clay more interesting.

I love throwing on the wheel, making organic and surreal shapes, working with and against the clay.

I love mixing glazes, experimenting and searching for colours. I love opening a glaze kiln, the excitement and nerves, the successes, the surprises and learning from the failures.

I love using handmade pots, both mine and others.

Finally, I love working in the pottery with my mate Frank Light, a wonderful man without whom I would not know how to make a pot.

I endeavour to make pots that are whimsical and functional, fit for everyday use and I hope you love using my pots as much as I loved making them.