throw each pottery mug on the wheel using high fired stoneware and porcelain clays and I make all the glazes from scratch. These glazes are applied, layered, positioned in the kiln and fired in a way that encourages movement and colour variation. This means that each piece comes out of the kiln completely unique.

I make different sizes, from babycino and espresso, regular and large coffee and tea mugs, to beer steins - so there is a mug for everyone (contact me if you're one of those people who would like a mug the size of a bucket :P). I'm focused on the form and the function of each mug - from carefully shaping the rim of the mug for comfortable drinking, to ensuring each handle is positioned to not only balance the weight of the mug but also its shape. I add thumb rests to my handles which add stability and comfort and the spiral walls provide finger ridges for when you want to hold your mug like a cup, which is a particularly nice way to warm your hands on a cold day.